Happy 19th Anniversary to GEEKOM!

Founded in Taiwan, China, in 2003, GEEKOM expanded its business to the global market in 2021 and is now known as one of the world’s top Mini PC manufacturers. Thank you for your continued support over the last 19 years. We are excited to explore new possibilities over the next 19 years!

Welcome to the 19th Anniversary! Welcome, Geagle!

In celebration of its 19th anniversary, GEEKOM has unveiled its mascot, Geagle! Yes, he is our mascot, whom you can’t help but stare at every now and then. As a symbol of GEEKOM’s brave and fearless spirit, GEEKOM’s mascot Geagle is created as a stylized eagle. He wears a GEEKOM logo-style telescope, representing the pursuit and perseverance of dreams. His wings are metal mechanical arms that evoke a sense of technology. Come make wonderful memories with GEEKOM and Geagle, and instill Geagle’s spirit into your life.

Popular Mini PCs at Celebration Prices!

Every purchase during the anniversary sale earns you double points.

MiniAir 11 Special Edition!

As part of the anniversary celebration, GEEKOM also released the MiniAir 11 Special Edition. It is presented in specially designed packaging, featuring a stylish upper cover and exclusive gift items. No one doubts it is a must-have item for all Gfans.

Congratulations from Around the World

Thanks to all of you, GEEKOM has reached an important 19-year milestone, and we look forward to building on this success in the future.


Chinahandys.net gratuliert Geekom zum Geburtstag! Eure Firma hat neuen Schwung in den Markt für Mini-PCs gebracht. Darüber freuen wir uns sehr. Wir wünschen Euch alles Gute für die Zukunft.


Happy 19th Birthday, GEEKOM! Congratulations on 19 years of industry innovation. It’s been a joy to work with you and tinker with some of the best-built mini PCs on the market. I’ve been impressed with the quality and engineering that goes into each mini PC you make, and I am excited to see what the next 19 years brings!

notebookcheck—Sam Medley

Hola a todos, soy Domingo Gomes de NewEsc y felicidades por este 19.º aniversario. He trabajado con vosotros desde hace muy poco tiempo, pero tan solo tengo buenas cosas que decir. Desde la primera persona que entró en contacto conmigo por correo, hasta el producto que he analizado; he podido comprobar que vuestros productos no solo tienen un precio competitivo, sino también que en relación a especificaciones nos dan algo distinto, algo mejor de lo que veíamos en el mercado desde hace bastante tiempo. Por lo que más competencia, y buena, siempre es bienvenida. Así que una vez más, felicidades y a por el año que viene, por el 20.º aniversario.


Il y a 19 ans, les ordinateurs étaient gros, lourds et bruyants. 19 ans plus tard, des marques comme Geekom les ont rendus petits, légers et silencieux. Joyeux anniversaire Geekom, continuez à faire progresser l’informatique vers le futur !

techno-science—Adrien bernard

Hey Geekom, ich wünsche dir zum Jubiläum alle Gute. Du bringst gute Produklte auf den Markt und ich bin mir sicher, dass dein Portfolio zum nächsten Jubiläum noch mehr spannende Geräte beinhalten wird. Ich bin gespannt, was Geekom in Zukunft macht.

winfuture—Timm Mohn

I Mini PC sono destinati a sostituire quelli tradizionali in tutte quelle applicazioni dove non è richiesta una elevata potenza di calcolo. E GEEKOM con MiniAir 11 e gli altri suoi prodotti sta sulla cresta di quest’onda.

tuttotek-—Alberto Bacchin

I mini PC GEEKOM sono macchine, solide, ben costruite e in grado di offrire buone prestazioni per un uso d’ufficio, gaming di base e multimedia. Sarà interessante recensire i nuovi prodotti e vedere come GEEKOM porterà innovazione in questo settore.

Emanuele – Tecnoandroid.it


It’s always great when I get a chance to review a new PC or laptop from GEEKOM. Happy 19th Anniversary! I hope to be able to work with your company for many years to come.

DallasNews—Jim Rossman

What a way to celebrate the GEEKOM’s 19th anniversary! Come join us and bring your favorite mini PCs home to liven up your life!

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