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GEEKOM Mini PC IT8 configure

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90% of users looking for a small desktop pc will find the Mini IT8 to be the best choice due to its most useful configuration, high-grade components, and most favorable price. It is widely used in business meetings, medical care, industrial control, daily office work, home entertainment, and holiday gifts. Whether you are a student, teacher, or other professional, a husband, wife, parent, boyfriend or girlfriend, a teenager or lady, this is the perfect mini PC for you.
GEEKOM Mini IT8 Mini PC: Why buy it?
  • 1. Lightweight and portable
  • 2. Multiple connection possibilities via multiple ports
  • 3. Significant capacity for expanding
  • 4. Comes with Windows 11 Pro pre-installed
  • 5. High-grade RAM and SSD from Kingston
  • 6. Sophisticated design
GEEKOM high-performance mini PC
GEEKOM mini PC IT8 Specs

Powerful Multitasking Capacity

The GEEKOM Mini IT8 is equipped with an Intel® CoreTM i5 processor, which provides super-fast performance to run most popular applications, allowing this small PC for simultaneous multitasking at home or at work, easily entertaining, audio and video playback, and so on.
Its dual-channel SODIMM DDR4 memory boosts reading and writing speeds by 50% over DDR3. Dual-channel technology, with double storage bandwidth, reduces delay time and power dissipation by 20%, achieves simultaneous read and write, and reduces waiting time by more than 50%.

Powerful CPU drives popular apps.

A powerful CPU allows you to run the most popular programs, including VS CODE, ZOOM, WPS, Photoshop, and others you may need.

A creative CIR function.

With the CIR function in the Mini IT8, you can easily use the remote control to turn on/off the TV, play audio, adjust volume, enter sleep mode, and wake up the sleep mode, enjoying your smart home theatre.

Windows 11 Pro is ready to go.

Windows 11 Pro, the most advanced version of Windows OS, is pre-installed for your convenience, and it is highly compatible with other systems you may wish to use. With this GEEKOM Mini PC, you can install two operating systems at once: Windows first, then Linux, and alternative operating systems such as Android x86, and FydeOS can be run as well.

Easily expandable storage

GEEKOM Mini IT8 small form factor PC has several storage expansion options. It has an M.2 Kingston SSD, 256 or 512GB of on-board storage, and can be expanded up to 1TB. The dual-channel DDR4 SODIMM slot allows for RAM expansion up to 32GB. The first slot is filled with a single 8GB/16GB chip, making it simple to max it out by simply matching it with another Kingston of the same model. Furthermore, its 2.5-inch SATA hard drive slot allows for up to 2TB of HDD storage expansion.

Dual-channel DDR4 SODIMM slots x 2
(expandable up to 32GB in total)
PCIe 3.0 M.2 2280 SSD
(expandable up to 1TB)
2.5" SATA HDD Slot
(expandable up to 2TB)

Less noise, more efficiency.

The fan operates at high power and produces a sound of 30-45 decibels only when the Mini IT8 is fully loaded, for more efficient cooling. When you use this small desktop pc, it is relatively quiet most of the time.

7 days x 24 hours of steady running.

The Mini IT8 Mini PC is rigorously tested to make sure it is capable of running continuously and steadily for 7 days x 24 hours at room temperature. It also has a built-in fan to keep it cool and stable.

Tested thoroughly
for reliability.

GEEKOM Mini IT8 has been rigorously tested for noise, vibration, drop and thermal shock to ensure it meets and exceeds the industry standards. This ensures that this small desktop computer can withstand extreme conditions for extended periods of time, ranging from dry 0° C (32 ℉) temperatures to humid, hot environments exceeding 45° C (113 ℉) .


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In this video, we take a look at the new GEEKOM IT8 Mini PC. We do an unboxing, 4k Video Playback, Run some benchmarks, Tets some PC games, and emulation.

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